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Cookery School




Winter Season Cookery School Dates


October – November – December - January

February & March Dates to Follow


Canapés & Nibbles

Saturday 26th October - Saturday 16th November - Saturday 14th December*


Afternoon Tea & Cakes

Saturday 5th October - Saturday 30th November - Saturday 18th January


Practical Guide to Amazing Cooking

Saturday 2nd November - Saturday 7th December* - Saturday 25th January 


Bespoke Cooking Course 

Available on any dates you wish


* Both the 'Practical Guide' on the 7th of December & the 'Canapés and Nibbles' Course on the 14th of December are Christmas themed.



All courses give you... a chance to eat your fill, a parting gift, a certificate of your new found brilliance (or enhanced brilliance) the 'What's This All About' guide to spices, recipes, tips and secrets learned over the past 18 years of cooking, teaching and living.



Canapes and Nibbles

Little pre-dinner treats or tapas style dining dishes. Learn how to present and make interesting small meals or canapes to add priceless va va voom to your dinner parties and around the kitchen table sharing. You will learn things like Marmite Mushrooms with Tarragon Cream, Warm and Crispy Pastry with Pancetta Centre. Also how to trim and dice, sharpen and hold and other kitchen tips to increase your culinary brilliance.


Afternoon Tea and Cakes

Nothing on earth sets the taste buds tingling of a sweet toothed chef than that of a delicious fresh cake or pastry. Drizzling chocolate or double cream filling, creme patisserie, vanilla icing, luxurious sponge and delicate decoration. These few hours spent on this subject will propel you towards a lifetime of kitchen wonderment.


Practical Guide to Amazing Cooking

Do practical and amazing go together... they sure do in my book. Just because it may be simple should not dim the dishes brilliance. Learn to fillet a fish and bone some lamb or chicken to make best use of all of it. Find out what the supermarket wants to keep a secret. Chocolates and at least one awe inspiring dessert. Sharpen a knife and bake a loaf of bread. You will wish this course went on forever. As with all the courses you will leave with recipes and ideas to last a lifetime.


Bespoke cooking

If you know exactly the style or content but lack the finesse perhaps. Jonny can tailor make a course to suit you. He may not do exactly what you say but he will teach you what you want to know!


All courses give you chance to eat your fill. A parting gift. Certificate of your new found brilliance (or enhanced brilliance :) !  ). The ‘What's This All About’ guide to spices. Recipes, tips and secrets learned over the past 18 years of cooking, teaching and living.


Jonny lives at home in the Mournes with his Midwife wife and two children. He has taught royalty in our school and dressed old ladies wounds as an ambulance tech. Surfed the high seas as an RNLI crewman and managed Glassdrumman along with his brother Ben for the past 5 years. Check us out on Facebook and at


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To check availability and book your course please call 028 4376 8451 or why not ask about our accommodation and cookery packages they start from £149.00


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